Swiss Z scale model trains. The SBB Gotthard Line
in miniature.

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Welcome to the new z220.com. Some of you may remember the old web site, which was one of the first general information sites for Z scalers. Well, most of that information was old, out of date, and there are others who do a better job of maintaining those sorts of sites, so we’ve changed themes. This site is now more about my current modeling projects as well as the Swiss Gotthard Line Z scale project. Think of it as a super-blog for Swiss Z scale, Z-Bend Track modules, and the Washington, DC Z-Bend Track group. Have a look around and Happy Surfing!


Re66_02_014_36 small
The Real Thing: SBB Re 6/6 pulls a passenger train into the Wattengen tunnel at Wassen on the south ramp of the SBB Gotthard line.


Holy Cow! The layout was featured in the December 2007 issue of Model Railroader! Now I have something in common with Rod Stewart (He was featured in the same issue.) I guess it’s time to go play “Maggie May” over the Swiss Alps.

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